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I work with women who have brilliantly run their businesses figuring it out along the way and who now desire a stronger foundational structure for the next wave of growth. Women who help others with businesses clarity and need a sounding board to gain perspective on their own companies. Women who have seen what isn’t working in their industries and stepped in to build better solutions. Women who believe that both they and their business can, and should, be vibrant.

I recognize that business strategy is not a one-size fits all approach nor solution. My aim is to help you arrive at the decisions that are best for you and your business. I blend my keen understanding of business strategy with my psychic abilities to navigate the path with you and arrive at sustainable result that feel fantastic. [Curious about the specifics of my background? Go here.]

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The Alignment process helps you get clear on how you want to feel in your business and how you want your business to feel. We feel into the vibration and energetics of words to find the those that are most potent to articulate and craft your vision for your business so that as you make decisions, you are doing so from a place of grounded wisdom.


Holistic Review

During the Holistic Review, we’ll take the clarity we’ve articulated through the Alignment process and determine where we can apply it throughout your business. I'll do an honest, judgement-free assessment of the current state of things to see how your business is currently functioning and assess where there are opportunities to bring it into further alignment. Interviews and shadowing will give us insight into the journeys of the people involved in your business and their processes. Together we'll define where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.


ThE Magic

The outcomes of the Holistic Review look different for everyone based on our aims. From here we’ll implement the plan. We’ll watch as it unfolds bringing with it impact even beyond what we’ve imagined. Magic.