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I tailored what I've learned over the years from my clients and my experiences into a Strategic Process to help you grow in the manner that makes sense for you. There's no one-size-fits-all process [that's a myth in clothing and in business], so I'm here to help you navigate. I blend my abilities as a seer with a keen understanding of business strategy to help you articulate your priorities and define a path to implement them. I love working with businesses that are on the verge of their next growth phase and are looking to do so in a way that is truly reflective of their business.

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First things first. We'll go through a series of exercises to ensure that our aims and objectives are coming from a place of grounded wisdom and alignment — to each other and to Source. We'll establish Guiding Terms that will stand as our litmus as we get deeper into the process. They will allow us to see which is keeping with the overall vision when met with conflicting priorities. Each of the terms will include Indicators of Success to give context to their meanings. The North Star of our work will be a statement crafted to summarize the overall objective.


Holistic Review

I'll do an honest, judgement-free assessment of the Current State of your business. In order to see where things stand, I'll create a Constellation of People through interviews and shadowing of the folks who are important to your business — staff, board members, clients, constituents and pull together Profiles and Experience Maps of their journeys. Together we'll define what's working, where change is beneficial, and growth opportunities.


ThE Magic

The outcomes of the Holistic Review look different for everyone based on what we're aiming to accomplish. As such, I believe that this is where the magic happens. We're going to take the insights we've gained and do what we need to in order to chart a path forward that will result in success on your terms and by your definition. It will likely include some of the following — a timeline with benchmarks and objectives, process maps, a budget —but it might also incorporate something none of us has ever thought of before. That's the magic.