What does the Strategic Process look like? 

First, a bit about me. I'm Libby Brouwer, voice of Creative Cabbage, taker of uncharted paths, follower of shiny objects, and adventurer for life. I believe in embracing joy and bringing levity and light to all I do. My curiosity prompts me to wonder how things can be approached in new and innovate ways — that's how ingenuity happens after all. The phrase "that's the way it's always been" tends to make my skin crawl and signals to me that there's something deeper below the surface for us to explore. I love where human understanding and technology intersect, eager to make processes streamlined and lives easier. I am always excited to see what's around the next corner. Which brings us here…

My friends affectionately refer to me as a business psychic. I leverage many of the traditional strategic principles and infuse them with a connection to the Collective Consciousness (also known as Source, the Universe, Divine Guidance). This makes for a gentler process that offers a strong framework while leaving room for magic and expansion. We're not looking to recreate what others have done — we're learning from that and charting whole new courses! 


Over the years, I've crafted a strategic process that uses both my business acumen and my ability to communicate with the dead and Collective Consciousness. Many ask, "So you're channelling my dead loved ones to talk about my business?" Not quite. What I am doing is connecting with Source to inspire questions that are wiser than what I can ask on my own and anchoring the answers in an actionable context. And any of those dead folks who, when alive, were excited about the ideas and concepts with which you're involved are still enthusiastic even after leaving their physical forms. So why not bring them into the mix and utilize their insights? The actual process breaks down into three parts as outlined below. These work for companies and for individuals running their businesses on their own. What changes is the timeline to move through these explorations.

 Photo by  rawpixel  on Unsplash


First things first. We'll go through a series of exercises to ensure that our aims and objectives are coming from a place of grounded wisdom and alignment — to each other and to Source. We'll establish Guiding Terms that will stand as our litmus as we get deeper into the process. They will allow us to see which is keeping with the overall vision when met with conflicting priorities. Each of the terms will include Indicators of Success to give context to their meanings. The North Star of our work will be a statement crafted to summarize the overall objective.


Holistic Review

I'll do an honest, judgement-free assessment of the Current State of your business. In order to see where things stand, I'll create a Constellation of People through interviews and shadowing of the folks who are important to your business — staff, board members, clients, constituents and pull together Profiles and Experience Maps of their journeys. Together we'll define what's working, where change is beneficial, and growth opportunities.


ThE Magic

The outcomes of the Holistic Review look different for everyone based on what we're aiming to accomplish. As such, I believe that this is where the magic happens. We're going to take the insights we've gained and do what we need to in order to chart a path forward that will result in success on your terms and by your definition. It will likely include some of the following — a timeline with benchmarks and objectives, process maps, a budget —but it might also incorporate something none of us has ever thought of before. That's the magic.