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I speak with the dead. It’s important to me that such experiences are depicted as accurately as possible. To that end, I consult on movies and television to help craft as authentic a representation as possible of communication with the dead, ghosts, and spirits (choose your favorite terminology). Plus, they usually have a few items to weigh in on themselves.

The entertainment industry is getting it more and more right when it comes to portraying these types of communication on screen. [high five] Let’s keep it up! Through the accurate portrayal of these abilities, we will continue to demystify such themes and access the messages they have to share. Give me a ring if you need some insight.

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I love sharing my ideas with others, particularly when it comes to the energetics of business. Interested in having me do so? Have you dreamed up something you'd love to work on together? Fantastic! Drop me a line with your proposal, and let's see if it resonates for us both. Exploring new ideas is how we grow. Favorite topics of mine include: intuition + consulting, facilitating meetings, the importance of strategy, and navigating the business world as an empath. If we do work together, unsurprisingly, there will probably be some cabbage photos in my slides.

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Lennis Perez TV

🎥 Emotional Intelligence for Women in Business | September 2018

Lennis Perez invited me on to Lennis Perez TV, her video series, to discuss how professional women can communicate and be heard without stifling our emotions.

My favorite part of our conversation addressed feeling most true to you when communicating. Some questions I posed were — How are you able to get your point across most directly? Do you feel more aligned when you write or speak or call or have a conversation in person? Is there a form of communication that feels awful for you? Is there one that feels amazing?

Find our interview on YouTube and Lennis’ work at Lennis Perez.



🎤 The Art of Analytics | September 2015

I hosted a lively Q&A engaging Dreamforce attendees in a discussion about analytics and deriving meaning from the madness. We honed in on what questions to ask, strategies for their organizations, and methods of reporting that really get to the heart of crafting fantastic data analysis. Focusing on what question the data is answering turns the narrative on its head, resulting in reports that tell a story you want to hear.

Read some of my additional thoughts on creating reports here.

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🎤 Cracking Open the Door: Inclusivity in Tech | April 2015

As the leader of the Philly Chapter of Salesforce Women in Tech, I was invited to speak with the PhillyForce attendees on how we all benefit from inclusivity and gender balance in the tech community. I discussed how humans crave community, an environment in which our peers comprehend how we work, the forms successes take, and the struggles that we might be encountering and how to engage more women in the Salesforce ecosystem. And left folks with the takeaway — encourage the differences in gender, work with them, and embrace them.

Read the blog post that sparked this discussion here.