What I Know to Be True

On the closing night of Let's Camp 2018, hosted by The Glossary and Feminest at Camp Wandawega , we were given the prompt "What I know to be true…" and invited to share our thoughts during ice cream and feelings.

Seated at picnic tables, delirious from a day of 90+ degree heat, heart-felt conversations, canoe races, and workshops full of insights, we were each invited to stand in front of the group, microphone in hand and share our insights. Let me tell you, it was virtually impossible to take the mic in hand and not immediately burst into tears. The love and support radiating from every woman there was palpable.

Image by  Jaclyn Simpson

On my way home, I got to thinking — if I had to boil down the weekend to a bite sized version of what I know to be true, what would it be? And here's what came of it. What are the truths of your heart?

Image by  Momoko Fritz

Image by Momoko Fritz

Adapted from Instagram.