Joy Magnet: Letters to Lake Michigan

Living in a small town means those handling your mail know you by name and vice versa. It makes for a lovely experience when popping into the Post Office to pick up my mail or snag some more stamps. Rarely is anyone in a rush. Folks catchup while waiting in line and see the act as a social outing. On any given day, it's an enjoyable experience.

 Postcard Image by  Mae Stier

Postcard Image by Mae Stier

Today was filled with extra joy. Excited by the new Frozen Treats scratch-and sniff-stamps, I wanted to make sure I got a few. I did. I'm a big believer in snail mail. It helps us feel connected in this digital age. And that's why I was thrilled by this beautiful postcard at the top of my mail pile.

My friend Mae Stier, incredible photographer and human, has embraced a project titled Letters to Lake Michigan. Mama Lake, as many of us call her, is an integral part of our lives here in Northern Michigan. She reminds us of the constant of change and the beauty therein. She's a source of relaxation on a worrisome day and a source of happiness, well, always.

When I signed up to receive postcards from Mae, I failed to read the fine print that I would be receiving postcards — plural! So this little guy was a happy surprise. Each postcard carries with it a handwritten poem written by Mae. It reads as follows:

A Glimpse by Mae Stier
We expected a sunset but instead the fog rolled in and we could only see the edge of the water, the pollen collecting in the shallows. Gray skies hung low, obscuring your blue. Sand disappeared into nothing down the shoreline, the Bluff was gone. Nothing felt familiar, yet you still kissed the shore, quietly lapping in from oblivion.


Adapted from Instagram.

Joy Magnet • Krohn Conservatory

The long weekend brought with it a trip of the non-work variety, a perk of working remotely. I took a quick jaunt down to Cincinnati to visit friends and the city in which I grew up. Much has changed over recent years and some neighborhoods look nothing like I remember yet most of it is exactly as I left it.

The weekend was filled with a host of epicurean adventures. Many a beverage was sipped at Collective, {m5}, and Cheapside. Copious amounts of food were eaten at my all time favorite Indian restaurant, Ambar. Flights of juice were sipped at Off the Vine. Ye olde turkey legges were devoured (though not by me) at Ohio Renaissance Festival. (It really hasn’t changed since the last time I was there twenty years ago.) And Charley Harper glasses were purchased at Mica 12/v for use in my own kitchen. And of course some ice cream was enjoyed at Graeter’s.

What made me especially happy, in addition to all of the fresh air and sunshine this weekend had to offer, was a trip to Krohn Conservatory. A site for many field trips past, I hadn’t been in years. Turns out, a building full of beautiful plants and flowers still makes me smile.

 Air plants at Krohn Conservatory

Air plants at Krohn Conservatory