Vibrational Alignment of a Landing Page

Chatting up with a friend this week, she prompted me to catch her up on what I’m up to. So I shared with her that I’m working with companies to develop clear business strategies that enable them to take aligned action and build the empires they envision. I explained that many of my clients are women because at this moment my approach of bringing intuition and energetic balance into the mix seems to be attracting badass ladies looking to build a better model of the work they’ve been doing for decades. I shared that I love working with medium sized businesses that are at the precipice of their next phase of growth so that they can do so sustainable.

Her response, “Great! Your website says none of that.” I paused. Huh. She was totally right.

Since I had updated my website last, I’ve gained increased clarity on my business and my clientele. I’ve honed my summation of what I do. (I’m oddly reluctant to the term “elevator pitch,” but that seems like a conversation for another day.) I’m unearthed my tagline — Inspiring sustained growth through aligned action.

This made me wonder, as we are constantly growing and evolving and becoming even stronger powerhouses in our businesses and careers, how often do we update the external indicators that bring the rest of the world up to speed? When’s the last time you updated your website or LinkedIn profile or résumé?

And is it important?

Here’s my take. Yes and no. Yes, because those are the outward confirmations that others sometimes need to cement whether they want to work with you or hire you or reach out to strike up conversation. And yet, no, because I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction and that vibration speaks way louder than words.

But! What if we can harness that and have our words reflect our vibration!?! Best of all worlds. So I spent today updating my website and now the above image is the first thing you see. Bam! Outward persona reflects inner vibration.

Adapted from Instagram.