This Day Intentionally Left Blank

Last week I returned from a month away from home. I’d driven across the country, talked to some dead people, had some incredible breakthroughs, helped my clients get clarity, and enjoyed two separate rainbows atop a rainy mountain. And that’s just a fraction of what transpired. It was a big trip to say the least.

I knew that the minute I walked through my door that exhaustion would hit me. I’m not one who can be on the road for extended periods of time without being impacted. I’ve learned that when I expend that kind of energy on travel, I will need some down time upon my return.

So I schedule it. It takes the form of blank days on my calendar. Nothing scheduled, not even social outings. I think of it like that page that comes with your bank statement showing, “This page intentionally left blank.” Nothing to look at here. Move on. This offers you peace of mind that there’s no additional information to track down. Having a blank day on your calendar serves much the same purpose.

Now, this is not to say that I don’t do anything on these days. Quite the opposite. My most recent blank day started with a leisurely cup of tea (as per usual) followed by a walk on the beach (because oh how I missed the lake) and then some reading. In the afternoon I got the itch to rearrange my living room which included pulling out the stash of jars I’ve been inexplicably hoarding. Staring at them on my coffee table long enough to wonder what would happen if I tried my hand at candle making with the supplies a friend gave me over a year ago. Turns out it’s a super relaxing activity I quite enjoy.

All this is to say, blank calendar days in no way mean you have to sit around doing nothing. But also, if sitting around doing nothing is what your body and your soul are craving, embrace it. They are days where you’ve created down time to follow your musings and see where they take you. They’re days without deadlines or agendas. They’re days to rest in whatever form that takes.

Do you schedule blank days on your calendar? What wonderful things do they entail?

Adapted from Instagram.