Setting Up Your Name in GoToMeeting

When working remotely, be it with coworkers or clients, considerate communication is key. The other day while on a GoToMeeting, my virtual conference room, I noticed that a co-worker had included his name and our company in the Attendees view. Brilliant!

How often do we get on these calls and wonder who everyone is — even amongst our own team? When a new name pops up, do you ever wondering if that person is a new addition from the client side or a co-worker you’ve never encountered before? And if we’re wondering these things, our clients certainly are. Let’s cut through the confusion.

There are two things I now ask all of my clients and teammates to do when setting up their names in GoToMeeting. (Note: I’m specifically calling out GoToMeeting because that’s where I spend much of my day. These principles apply to any remote meeting app.)

Use Your Full Name
It’s easy to figure everyone already knows which David or Jennifer you are. While this is might be true, take the guess work out of it and type out your full name. Then there won’t be any confusion should a second Jennifer join the call.

Include Your Company Name
Take things one step further and include your company name. After your full name, use a visual break of some sort and then type your company name, i.e. Libby Brouwer ⎮ Appirio. It will end up looking like this in the GoToMeeting Attendees list.

Have you already set up your name and are wondering how to make an edit to it? Go to the GoToMeeting list and select Preferences. You’ll see a section titled “Display Name” where you can edit how your name appears.

Now when you’re on a call with people who may not know exactly who you are, you’ve given them more contextual information from the start. Who knows, they may even track you down on LinkedIn now that they know your full name and where you work.

Ideas are best when shared. How do you format your name to make virtual meetings feel more personal?