I'm Libby Brouwer, voice of Creative Cabbage. My friends affectionately refer to me as a business psychic. I leverage many traditional strategic principles and infuse them with a connection to Source and the energetic world accessing my psychic instincts and your intuition to determine the best solutions for you and your business.

I'm a taker of uncharted paths, follower of shiny objects, and adventurer for life. I believe in embracing joy and bringing levity and light to all I do. My curiosity prompts me to wonder how things can be approached in new and innovative ways — that's how ingenuity happens after all. The phrase "that's the way it's always been" tends to make my skin crawl and signals to me that there's something deeper below the surface for us to explore. I love where human understanding and technology intersect, eager to make processes streamlined and lives easier. I am always excited to see what's around the next corner… and of course, cabbage.

I've crafted a Strategic Process that uses both my business acumen and my intuitive abilities to deliver tailored solutions that fit your business, getting you the outcomes you desire with greater ease. I've had the pleasure of working with organizations of all types and sizes from Fortune 500 companies [PNC Bank] to national nonprofits [Girl Scouts] to startups — and everything in between.

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