You've found me! Wondering if we're meant to work together? Read on to see if what I offer feels right to you. I'm Libby Brouwer, the voice of Creative Cabbage. At the heart of things, I help you articulate greater clarity on your priorities and a path to implement them. I build bridges of communication reading between the lines of what is said and addressing that which is unspoken — either in the room or as part of Collective Consciousness. I make sure that all your ducks are in a row and that everyone is focused on the same group of ducks. I blend experience and intuition to bring you tailored solutions that fit your business precisely getting you the outcomes you desire with greater ease. 

I've had the pleasure of working with organizations of all types and sizes from Fortune 500 companies to national nonprofits to startups — and everything in between. I aggregate what I've learned from these clients and experiences to help you grow in the manner that makes sense for you. There's no one-size-fits-all process [that's a myth in clothing and in business], so I'm here to help you navigate. Based on my experience, I've crafted a Strategic Process that results in the most advantageous solutions tailored to your specific objectives. But it doesn't stop there… 

The Ripple Effect — Clarity has a strong ripple effect. By honing in on what you're truly desiring to accomplish, be it implementing the right infrastructure, processes, or technologies, a big piece of the puzzle falls into place. Consequently, this improves the lives of your team. In turn, they find their roles more fulfilling and are better able to serve your community. And the ripple spreads beyond that. Perhaps they'll even have a more pleasant interaction with the barista at the local coffee shop. She in turn has a chipper exchange with the next customer, and so on. Clarity promotes ease as we move through the world — and don't we all want a bit more of that?

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Consulting Engagements

As an Intuitive Business Strategist, I will assist your team in moving things forward through clarity and aligned action. That takes a number of forms including:

• Strategic Planning
• Business & Organizational Strategy
• Technology Implementation Planning

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Speaking & Workshops

I'll engage your team with an inspiring session on one or more of these topics:

• Harnessing Intuition in a Business Environment
• The Clarity of Intent
• Facilitating Meetings
• Empathic Consulting

Door Number Three

Have you dreamed up something you'd love to work on together? Fantastic! Drop me a line with your proposal, and let's see if it resonates for us both. Exploring new ideas is how we grow.